Cheryl-Ann Webster's Beautiful Women Project

Cheryl-Ann’s Beautiful Women Project is a sculptural exhibition of real women aged 19-91 with accompanying educational workshops and keynote presentations designed to provide a healthy perspective on body-image and self-esteem.

Suitable for the whole Family

The Beautiful Women Project encourages visitors of all ages to compare natural beauty with socially-created, unattainable images of beauty portrayed in our culture.

Creating Healthy Communities

The Beautiful Women Project exhibit and workshops provide a safe place to explore who and what is shaping our sense of self as well as the impact body-image has on our physical and emotional health.

Natural beauty above and below...

In 2006, the Beautiful Women Project reached hit a new high when images of the sculptures were taken to Mount Everest. So to give the Project more depth Cheryl-Ann and her husband, Behan Webster, placed a cement sculpture at a depth of 24ft at the “Playground” (Prescott Pier, Ontario), in 2008. Why? Why not!

Next Steps

In addition to continuing with the traditional Beautiful Women Project, Cheryl-Ann aims to make the artwork more accessible, expand the scope of the message and explore her latest form of expression – Photography and videography. 

120 Sculptures Celebrate Reality. 120 Stories Empower Change






Project Intro

The Beautiful Women Project is a reminder to the world that naturally beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes, with lumps, bumps and scars too!

The Project highlights the importance of comparing ourselves to what’s natural and what’s real while critically viewing social ideals.

Host the Project

You can host the Beautiful Women Project exhibit at your conference for just a few days, or in your community for 6 weeks – 6 months.

It’s simple – you provide the budget and the BWP team does all the work!

Keynotes - Workshops

From a main stage keynote to a 3-day workshop, all presentations are designed and crafted to the client’s agenda and the needs of the audience.

Cheryl-Ann is captivating and distinctly creative. - Dr. Williams, Medical Officer of Health, Niagara.

Beautiful Women Project

The Beautiful Women Project is a family friendly art installation created by Cheryl-Ann Webster to promote healthy living, acceptance of natural beauty and to highlight the crucial link between body image and self-esteem that affects people at all ages and stages of life.
The foundation of the Project is 120 life-size clay sculptures of real women aged 19-91, each decorated to reflect an aspect of the women’s life journey. Deemed a revelation of truth, the sculptures allow audiences to compare reality with socially-created, unattainable images of beauty portrayed in our culture.

The Project exhibit has been showcased in many communities since 2006 with approximately 70,000 visitors viewing the work. The Project has enjoyed local, national and international media attention, garnering recognition and awards for the exhibition hosts and sponsors.

To accompany the exhibit, Cheryl-Ann designs and delivers highly visual Keynote presentations and creative workshops tailored to the age, stage and gender of the audience.

The Sculptures are now in Victoria, British Columbia.

From the little girl who was silenced to an award winning artist and speaker.

I was raised with the message that little girls should be seen but NOT heard. The problem was I had a lot to say! So I started to sketch my ideas, thoughts and fears. Soon my art spoke for me; it spoke my truth and voiced my opinions about my own life and the world around me. Then once I started to exhibit my creations, I opened a dialogue with my viewers and even started to voice what they feared to vocalize. My art became a visual voice for stories silenced, forgotten and untold.

My career grew with my confidence and over the past 10 years I have become internationally known for my Beautiful Women Project, promoting self-acceptance and self-care through a healthy body image.

To date the Beautiful Women Project exhibit has been showcased in 12 communities and been featured in more than 50 print publications as well as national and international TV and radio.

The demand for my workshops and keynotes also grew and in 2008 I gained my professional status with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). I have since spoken at more than 400 formal events. Ranging from a 45 minutes keynote to health care providers to a 5 hour workshop with 500 grade 3′s. Although my life has changed dramatically, my purpose remains the same – to empower change by gathering life stories, capture them in art and share the wisdom from the stage.

My life journey has truly taken me from the little girl who was silenced to a professional speaker who helps others find their voice!

Keynotes & Workshops

Using her artistic talents and passion for facilitation Cheryl-Ann brings highly visual Keynotes to the stage and designs ‘cringe free’ interactive workshops for individual and team personal and professional development.

Her mission for every speaking engagement is to create a comfortable environment for learning and sharing, while providing useful tools for self-care and team care.

*Cheryl-Ann has been a professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers since 2008.

One-One Coaching

Cheryl-Ann’s style of coaching places a strong emphasis on one’s inner strengths, resources and abilities while exploring all realistic possibilities to achieving your goals.

Although no art experience is required, Cheryl-Ann employes creative expression as a means to accessing the sub-conscious mind.

If you are ready to move forward – be coached, set goals and discover solutions to succeed then call for an in-person or on-line information session today.

*Cheryl-Ann Webster is a solution-focused coach, certified through the International Coaching Federation.

The Beautiful Women Project Exhibition

The Beautiful Women Project has been on exhibit around Ontario since 2006. In most cases all 120 sculptures were on display acting as a community of women with a message of self-acceptance, at other times as few as 30 sculptures were displayed.

No matter the number of sculptures exhibited at each venue schools, church groups, professional associations, social services, health workers and families came to view the work, hear the message and discuss their own journeys with body-image. Such visitors all expressed their gratitude for the artwork as a powerful reality check that interrupts ones inner conflict and negative self-image, allowing a re-focus on life’s priorities of health and happiness over appearance!

Discover who and what is shaping your body-image

and explore how your sense of self is impacting your personal and professional life!

Coaching with Cheryl-Ann